[WATCH] Bob Harper On His Heart Attack: I Was Dead On The Floor

[WATCH] Bob Harper On His Heart Attack: I Was Dead On The Floor

“I had what they referred to as a ‘widow maker,'” Bob Harper, 51, found out whilst he sat down with Savannah Guthrie at the April 4 episode of the nowadays show. the most important Loser trainer revealed the horrifying info of the coronary heart assault he suffered even as running out, admitting that he might later find out that he had a 6% danger of surviving. For a moment there, it didn’t appear to be Bob became going to overcome the chances.

“i was in full cardiac arrest. My heart stopped. not to be dramatic, however i was dead. i was on that ground – useless,” Bob said. That’s blood-chilling. luckily for Bob, his training teach, who become operating out with him, found doctors at gymnasium wherein he changed into running out. the two scientific specialists implemented a defibrillator and carried out CPR earlier than the paramedics could arrive.

“i used to be so lucky [the doctors were there.] Thank God,” Bob stated. As for what it felt want to come so close to dying, Bob wishes he should provide an explanation for more. however, he can’t sincerely recall some thing approximately that day. “It turned into remarkable frightening for me because I awoke [from a coma] and i used to be so burdened. i used to be like Dory from locating nemo because I had this brief-term reminiscence, so i used to be reliving the heart attack time and again again.”

I now get 1-2 cups of espresso an afternoon and it makes me SO happy! #thelittlethings #heartattacksurvivor percent.twitter.com/WLLASvJHas

— Bob Harper (@MyTrainerBob) March 22, 2017

a number of the high-quality medicinal drug proper now for me is spending time with special buddies. #heartattacksurvivor percent.twitter.com/DlR2A7r3sS

— Bob Harper (@MyTrainerBob) March 10, 2017

Bob additionally admitted that while the heart attack has taken a bodily toll, the whole horrifying episode has affected the trainer emotionally. in any case, Bob is regarded round the arena as a health icon and to have a heart attack at fifty one definitely rattled him. “I’m going through a few melancholy,” he said, earlier than assuring that he’s “now not sweating the small stuff anymore and i’m now not sweating the big matters anymore.”

“I’m going to appreciate each unmarried day that I’m here,” Bob stated. He also can recognize that his fans admire him too. while Bob posted an up to date on Feb. 27, posing along with his dog to reassure absolutely everyone that he changed into “at the mend,” the outpouring of affection for the most important Loser megastar turned into off the charts. It’s incredible to see that Bob is making a complete recovery. How incredible is that he was capable of defy the percentages and continue to exist!

Are you greatly surprised to listen that Bob nearly died, HollywoodLifers?

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