Stunning Architecture Project in Tirana, Winner of The Urban Ecological Masterplan

Stunning Architecture Project in Tirana, Winner of The Urban Ecological Masterplan

MVRDV became officially named the winner of the city Ecological masterplan due to an enforcing project on the way to be evolved in Tirana, Albania. The remarkable constructing complex will be positioned on the North facet of Tirana Lake, on a floor of 20 ha and also the metropolis’s acknowledged “green location”. it will likely be “a brand new dense urban community with a park and public facilities, within the south of the Albanian capital”. The tremendous shapes of the structure (reminiscent of collapsing domino portions) may be the basis for plenty of original and creative rental design, business facilities and workplace buildings. additionally, walking through this area will possibly be pretty thrilling; there might be no marvel if Albania will also attract a big quantity of vacationers as soon as this assignment can be applied. the brand new neighborhood could be referred to as “Tirana Rocks”– a completely suggestive call, in case you think about it.- thru

my mind exactly – in which the hell are the home windows??

home windows are allways, I assume, it could be glass blocks, or transparent plastic… The idea is good, however…

Ecological masterplan?simply beside the water, within the remaining urban forest or park?now not certain it is a great idea.

This articlewas a incredible read. I Learnt alot from it. thank you for sharing.

doubt it will appeal to a lot tourism. exciting idea, no longer sufficient however.

properly interesting challenge however within the wrong area… thats the only inexperienced area of the already overbuilded city….

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