Robust & Modern Family Apartment in Melbourne by dKO Architecture

Robust & Modern Family Apartment in Melbourne by dKO Architecture

dKO architecture have finished the “Prahbu apartment” in Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia. The reputable task description is going like this: “A quiet retreat nestled above the fracas of its internal-city environment, this condo acts as counterpoint to conventional notions of small rental living. despite the apartments modest footprint, the careful selection and location of materials, finishes and furniture allows the space to sense like an expansive and sturdy own family domestic. opposite to standard apartment typology the gap brings leisure opportunities to the forefront. Its population no longer want to exit for dinner with pals and family: cleverly incorporated storage and seating possibilities each interior and out allow them to host the party themselves without feeling cramped or inhibited.

A limited coloration palette of earthy neutrals highlighted with pops of vibrant colour facilitates to offer warmth and a connection with the surroundings that might otherwise be misplaced within the condo embedded within the surrounding concrete jungle.The material, end and fixtures motive changed into driven via our clients choice to create a heat and open family surroundings, a notion which became largely contradicted through the cool, difficult finishes and low ceilings of the present space. furniture picks are elegant and down to earth with a purpose to visually heighten the space, while warm, textural upholstery selections are sturdy sufficient to resist the hard and tumble of small youngsters and own family gatherings.”

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