How to Make a Papasan Chair Cushion

How to Make a Papasan Chair Cushion

a way to Make a papasan chair cushion. when you have a leftover papasan chair out of your university dorm room or a purchase from your first condominium, it's feasible that each one you've got left is the frame. properly, you're in luck, because you could make a new chair cushion in your papasan and it'll be just like the good old days again.

Lay out the substances that you need to make your papasan chair cushion. Your popular papasan chair cushion goes to degree forty six inches in diameter. so you need to buy your fabric, preferably upholstery great fabric, in the best measurements. You'll want to find fabric 50 to 60 inches extensive and you'll want 3 yards of it.

Make a paper sample for your chair cushion by way of taping newspaper or tissue paper together. Make a super circle sample that is 50 inches in diameter. you're going to have a circle with a 2 inch edging all of the way around. place your circle pattern at the cloth that is folded in half of. Pin the pattern in area or use weighted gadgets to hold the pattern in location while you carefully reduce across the pattern edges to reduce out two circles at one time.

region the fabric in order that the proper aspects of the cloth sample are touching or dealing with every other and the rims of both circle pieces are even all the way around the circle. stitch the 2 portions together with a 2-inch side seam, leaving an opening of around 24 inches. It's nice to stitch this on a stitching system and stitch the seam at least two times for a cozy seam.

decide what sort of stuffing might be in your papasan chair cushion. these are most often thick pillows in wedge shapes. you could use old pillows and reduce and sew them into wedges or cut pieces of upholstery foam into wedge portions. Your wedge portions want to be around 22 inches from the periphery to the wedge point. Make or construct enough of these wedges to healthy all of the way across the circle vicinity of the cloth you've simply sewn.

turn the sewn cloth circle proper aspect outward and smooth it out. Push the internal cushion wedge stuffing evenly into the material circle. Hand stitch the rest of the material starting to cozy the edges of the material circle.

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