How To Make A Modern Two-Toned Nightstand

How To Make A Modern Two-Toned Nightstand

Nightstands are clean to make, specifically the modern ones that have definitely simple designs and absence any useless ornamental elements. that is a step-by using-step academic displaying you a way to build your own cutting-edge nightstand. The design is geometric, with the legs proposing a stained finish while the top portion is painted white.

initially, lets see what youll want for this undertaking. The substances required encompass one 1 by using 12 piece of lumber and four 1 through 12 pieces, all of which want to be 48 long. Youll additionally want a circular noticed crosscut jig, a dowel jig, a drill and a nail gun.

You must begin with the aid of slicing the bottom of the nightstand due to the fact it is the most important piece. Then cut the two facets and the pinnacle.

degree and cut the lower back side of the legs. Youll want to cut 22 lengthy pieces. Then cut the pinnacle facet of the legs and cut one aspect at a 22 diploma perspective. Use the primary one as a template for the second piece. After that its time to reduce the bottom of the legs. these will also get a 22 degree reduce at one quit. subsequently, reduce the front part of the legs. these may have both ends reduce at a 22 degree angle.

Use a framing rectangular to ensure the entirety is immediately. Then mark the legs and reduce off the extra if necessary. You should give your self a touch little bit of room for errors while slicing the portions for the legs just to make certain theyre now not too short.

The joints of the legs could be ordinarily made of dowels so youll need a dowel jig to make the holes. Dowels are favored in this example due to the fact they offer a easy look with none seen screws. Drill holes in one of the pinnacle leg pieces and then switch the holes to the back piece the usage of dowel pins. take a look at the joins after which glue them. Youll handiest positioned dowels at the lower back aspect of the legs for the reason that front is at an perspective. The the front will just be nailed in vicinity the usage of a nail gun. upload a few glue as properly to make the joints sturdy. clamp the legs and permit the glue to dry.

before some thing else, mark all the factor where the dowels may be placed and drill out all the holes. add some glue and then set up the dowels. start via putting all of the dowels in the bottom and then flow directly to the edges. Hammer down the lowest and aspects after which add the top. Use 4 dowels on the edges and backside and add a fifth one to the top to ensure it has some brought power considering its suspended. Use clamps to secure all of the portions collectively until the glue dries. Use a rag to smooth any glue that become squeezed out.

Use some wooden filler to cover the nail holes on the front of the legs and upload some add the joints as well. Do the identical component for the top as properly to cover any small imperfections. Then use a sander to easy out the entirety.

apply a layer of primer to the pinnacle segment of the nightstand and allow it to dry. this can make sure that the paint sticks to the wooden. Then follow coats of white latex paint and let that dry as nicely.

while the primer on the pinnacle dries you may go beforehand and stain the legs. A golden pecan stain was used within the video however you may opt for some thing extraordinary in case you need. practice the stain with a rag. try to find a lint-free rag. After that, observe some wipe-on poly for an added layer of protection. gently sand the floor and then follow a second layer.

Mark the mounting holes and drill them inside the top section of each legs. Offset the legs via from the edges of the top after which tighten the screws up. ensure you pre-drill the holes inside the top before you install the screws.

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