How to Glue Plexiglas to PVC

How to Glue Plexiglas to PVC

Plexiglas is a form of durable acrylic with a huge variety uses. due to its obvious satisfactory, it is regularly used to make window panes or aquarium siding. Polyvinyl chloride (%) is a robust, versatile plastic commonly used in residential plumbing. p.c's rigidity also makes it ideal for automobile body kits, prosthetic limbs and kids's toys. To create a lasting bond among Plexiglas and percent, you need an epoxy made for use on plastics.

blend 1 cup of warm water and several drops of liquid dish soap. smooth the Plexiglas and p.c thoroughly to take away any grease, dirt or other residue.

Rub the components of the plexiglass and p.c so that it will be bonded with a chunk of first-rate grit sandpaper. moderate coarseness will support the epoxy's adhesion.

Wipe any plastic dust away from each surfaces the usage of a moist rag.

unfold a skinny layer of epoxy onto the plexiglass. Your location of coverage with the epoxy should be relative to the scale of the piece of % you're attaching.

Press the percent firmly onto the layer of epoxy.

cozy your Plexiglas and percent assembly in a C-clamp tool or bench vise to maintain the assembly at ease even as the epoxy treatment plans. putting the assembly underneath a heavy object, together with a cinderblock, works as an opportunity.

allow the epoxy to remedy for the time recommended at the container.

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