How Do I Repair a Traverse Curtain Rod?

How Do I Repair a Traverse Curtain Rod?

Traverse curtain rods open and near the curtains with a small pulley device. This lets in you to tug the pulley string and regulate both aspects of the curtains right now. The rods best open symmetrically, that means that both curtain sections are equally drawn again from the middle of the curtain. in case your traverse curtain rod is providing you with troubles, it may be because the device is grimy. smooth the portions before searching out extra severe problems.

dirt the top of the curtain rod and the returned housing of the rod. This gets rid of excess particles which can motive the sliders to feature improperly. Spray canned air into the track for big logged debris.

inspect the twine for tangles or knots, and fix as necessary. The pulley wont work properly whilst tangled. Twist the pulley cover to assist cast off twists and tangles in the wire.

investigate the strings for debris or buildup, which limits the cord from transferring easily. Wipe down the string with a dry towel. gently scrape excessive oily buildup together with your fingernail or a spoon; do no longer dig into the nylon cord.

Pull the knotted wire from at the back of the overlap master slide (center a part of the curtain rod that slides to and fro and makes the curtains slightly overlap) and re-knot it at the appropriate period. This permits you to modify the tension of the pulley gadget cord. cut off excess cord with scissors as vital; too much slack within the line makes the curtain no longer open and close as speedy.

transfer the side of the draw (aspect you pull on the cord) by using detaching the pulley cowl, and pulling at the wire on the alternative facet of the curtain rod, just at the internal of the stop brackets.

Snap the pulley cover lower back into vicinity, and fix the lowest bracket the wall with the accompanying hardware. function the bracket directly beneath the pulley cover for exceptional results.

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