DIY: How to Build an Industrial Hanging Shelf

DIY: How to Build an Industrial Hanging Shelf

If you want the look of clean lines and present day shelving but have an oddly sized area, you may use this educational to create your very own custom shelf with a cutting-edge-business aesthetic. This particular example became used for an electronics shelf hung above the tv; however, you could use this academic for anywhere in your home.

word: proven in the image above are 4 long screw eyes for attaching the shelf to the ceiling; but, it is encouraged to replace those with screw hooks.

put together your forums. Sand, paint/stain, or seal.

find studs on ceiling.even as your paint/stain is drying for your shelf boards, use a stud finder to find the studs in your ceiling. degree and mark wherein you'll insert the four screw hooks. (In this situation with a forty eight shelf width, the screw hooks were spaced 39 apart.)

Drill holes in ceiling. Use a 5/32 drill bit to drill holes at your 4 markings.

Screw four screw hooks into ceiling.Tip: Use a screwdriver via the hook eye as leverage that will help you screw the hook in in the direction of the stop, while it receives tight.

attach 4 screw eyes to and mark wherein you want your screw eyes for your shelf board. (If viable, these ought to hold without delay under the screw hooks within the ceiling.) Predrill of the way through the board, then screw at the screw eyes. Tip: Dont let the screw go through the bottom of the board; a sticking out screw tip will probably be visible while your putting shelf is hooked up.

If attaching a cord-concealing board, achieve this now. If not, keep to Step 7. Use four L brackets, and a few more screws if you like the brought safety, to connect the twine-concealing board to your placing shelf board.

connect a cord clamp to 1 give up of every cable/twine rope. comply with commands on your clamps to create a loop on one end of every of your cables.

Tip: measure first; save sufficient cable duration for looping the other end in an similarly sized loop.

connect the non-looped side of your 4 cables to the shelfs screw eyes. degree and mark wherein your 2d loop ought to be clamped.Precision is crucial here to create a degree hanging shelf.

Tip: This step is tricky to do alone; have someone help you so your loops are measured and accurate.

grasp your shelf. take a look at for plumb. in case you want to alter levelness, screw/unscrew the hook eyes within the ceiling as needed.

enjoy your new, custom putting shelf! It has a decidedly commercial, contemporary vibeand maintains things organized in addition.

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