Catedral De Santa Maria De Regla De Leon: The Leon Cathedral

Catedral De Santa Maria De Regla De Leon: The Leon Cathedral

Leon metropolis is positioned within the north-west of Spain, among madrid and Asturias. The metropolis of Leon is the jewel of Spain and homes Leon cathedral, one of the mind-blowing Gothic cathedrals of Spain. it's also called the “house of lighting” (Pulchra Leonina) wherein there may be more lights than stone and features extra stained-glass than walls.

León Cathedral (Catedral de Santa María de Regla de León) is a monument of religion. Its architecture is a seen French-style Gothic cathedral built inside the thirteenth century over the ruins of historical Roman baths. The elaborately carved portals, excellent rose home windows, one of the oldest choirs inside the u . s . a ., and beautiful sculptures together with the Virgen de l. a. Esperanza are just a few of the cathedral's many stunning and exquisite features.

A early Christian network is first recorded in Leon in approximately 254, however no bishop is pronounced in that Visigoth instances. The bishopric of Leon become established in about 860, after King Ordono conquered the metropolis from the Moors. It turned into beneath to the diocese of Toledo till 1105.

In approximately 1255, over the ruins of second century Roman baths, the present building became funded by means of King Alfonso the smart and turned into consecrated by means of Bishop Martin Fernandez. the first master builder recorded became one Simon, from approximately 1261 and shortly after by Enrique in 1277, the same master builder of Burgos Cathedral.

Leon cathedral was taken into consideration the best Gothic constructing in Spain. The shape in most cases dates from the thirteenth century however not finished until the 19th century when it changed into extensively restored. it's far due to regular structural integrity and monetary issues. The cathedral changed into carefully patterned on the flowery Gothic royal cathedrals of France – Reims Cathedral and St. Denis Basilica.

The broad west façade product of yellow stone is flanked through two towers and penetrated with 3 exquisitely carved Gothic portals and a massive rose window. similar to the south transept also has 3 portals and a rose window.

The north transept adjoins to the 13th- and 14th-century cloister, which has carved capitals, Romanesque and Gothic tombs, and some faded frescoes.

The interior has numerous medieval stained glass home windows illuminate a harmonious French Gothic indoors with 3 aisles, a transept, a 5 bay choir and an ambulatory with putting chapels. The name “residence of lighting fixtures” turned into derived from the impact of the faded yellow stone blended with the dazzling rays of daylight filtering through the home windows.

The pride of León Cathedral is the choir stalls, some of the oldest in Spain, have been carved of walnut with the aid of Flemish artists within the 15th century. a far-revered statue of the Virgen de l. a. Esperanza, describing the Virgin Mary when she turned into pregnant with Jesus, dates from the thirteenth or 14th century and is displayed in a side chapel off the choir.

Its nearly 1,800 square meters of stained glass windows courting from the 13th to the 15th century are the various global's best stained glass.

The Mai Chapel incorporates an altarpiece by way of Nicolás Francés relationship fifteenth century and a silver reliquary containing the relics of San Froilán, customer saint of Leon.

The Cathedral Museum (Museo Catedralicio Diocesano de León) homes nearly 1,500 works of artwork from prehistoric times to the 18th century, inclusive of as many as fifty sculptures of the Virgin, a triptych by the college of Antwerp, a tenth-century Mozarabic Bible and numerous manuscripts.

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