Build Your Own Wooden Keyboard Case

Build Your Own Wooden Keyboard Case

Keyboards are one of these laptop accessories that are surprisingly clean to miss, you realize while you've got a definitely horrific one, but one that's just "satisfactory" is can skate by way of as appropriate sufficient. but in case you spend an awful lot of time typing, maybe it's time to personalize your trusty keyboard with a unique DIY touch.

There are masses of pricey, mechanical keyboards you can purchase, or you may also construct one in every of your own, or you may do something inbetween, and put a keyboard you have already got in a swanky custom-made case. That's what Reddit consumer Zoolooker decided to do with a homemade wooden case.

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The case changed into constructed out of a single block of wooden that was carved with a router. The actual keyboard part of the construct comes from a Drevo Calibur keyboard that turned into disassembled and moved to its new home.

This keyboard features similar to the Drevo board, inclusive of the RGB backlight and Bluetooth connectivity. The wood case makes the keys sit barely higher than everyday, however the peak can be adjusted through shaving off a number of the timber on the lowest. And with a few smooth-to-follow instructions, you can also make a cool wood keyboard case.

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