Bright and Relaxing Master Bedroom Update - {One Room Challenge - Week 4}

Bright and Relaxing Master Bedroom Update - {One Room Challenge - Week 4}

whilst no, I nevertheless haven’t repainted the wainscoting white (slated for this weekend), I did manipulate to mark a fewmore objects off my list: the rug, new sheets and updating the framed algae prints over our bed. good enough, so I introduced the sheets to my list. Please inform me I’m no longer alone in being so OCD which you add matters to a list simply so that you can at once cross them off? It’s my favourite.

anyway, I got our PB sheets in and they're entire heaven, significantly. There’s simply something about PB bedding, it’s all so gentle and ideal and simply screams highly-priced master bedroom. i will’t get enough of it, despite the fact that that’s no secret in case you’ve accompanied me for any time in any respect ;)

As for the rug, Iremeasured and decided an 8’x10′ could be simply a bit too large for our room. thankfully, I stuck a 6’x9′ Safavieh juterug on hella sale and snatched it up this weekend (it’s still on sale this week!). hopefully it’ll be here subsequent week and i’ll have it in time for the Week 5 replace. however, I’m nonetheless pretty worried approximately our terrible cat with it. I suggest, cat pukes appear (um, new bumper sticker?) however cat pees are any other tale. If that takes place, the rug is outta there and into the guest bedroom.

if you follow me on Instagram, you stuck a glimpse of the updates my mother and that i made to the pressed algae prints I had over our mattress. They had been long past due for a few oomph so we chalk painted the frames in ASCP French Linen and that i made a few mats out of burlap scrapbook paper to give them some texture and dimension. those easy modifications blew me away and that they look sooooo good now! i'm able to’t wait to see how their burlap mats play off the jute rug. #ihearttexture

additionally, the ottomans from world marketplace came in the day gone by and ugh, the herringbone is a great deal extra considerable than I anticipated and that i’m not positive they’ll truly work in here. Why oh why domy dreamottomanshave to be almost $300 for 2?!? I simply can’t do that, in particular with all the different purchases for this room, so I might be returning these and in all likelihood staying with the leather-based bench we presently have, unless some other one jumps out at me quickly someplace.

The replicate drama maintains, however I had an epiphany the day prior to this that I may additionally move the clock over to take a seat on pinnacle of the wardrobe instead, and have a smaller rectangular mirror wherein the clock is now. It certain might be a heck of alot easier to beautify round that manner, and rectangular mirrors are in between rectangular and circle on the chilliness scale in my opinion. I’ve observed some contenders, however this one from PB is on the pinnacle of the listing up to now. unfortunately it’s backordered until overdue may also so it wouldn’t be here in time for the reveal, however pending the invention of any others simply as appropriate, I may additionally nevertheless need to do it and just share it while it is available in. when you have any wonderful square mirror leads, send ’em my way!

So, right here’s the Week four listing:

with a bit of luck subsequent week I’ll have a few shiny new white wainscoting to tease you with in addition to some rug action. within the interim, test out the ORCdesigners’ progressfrom the day past and then see what the alternative linking members have been as much as here!

As standard, you may follow in conjunction with my suggestion and spot my usually-converting buying listing on my Pinterest board for the challenge:

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such a pretty room! i like herringbone, so I’d hold them, but that’s me. The bedding looks beautiful!

thanks Kristen! I do love me some herringbone however simply no longer along facet my greater weathered, vintage-y decor in here :/ I desire I had some place else I could use them because they’re lovable!

sounds like I’m going to want to get my fingers on some PB sheets! LOVE the burlap paper (superb!) matting in the ones frames too! Can’t wait to see how it all comes collectively!

Do it, seriously. Their bedding is incredible. i take advantage of that burlap paper for the heritage on shadowboxes too, it’s so much less difficult to paintings with :)

Love the bedding! i get the itch to make over my bedroom now! desirable good fortune with the completing touches!

It’s fantastic how accurate new bedding feels! thank you Wendy!!

ok… this room is simply beautiful!!! the ones sheets make me want to curl up and take a nap. notable job on the frames. And i really like, love, love that PB reflect! I’m nearly wondering I need to order one for the powder room (replicate buying has been hard for me). extremely good!

Aw, thank you Erin!! i'm soooo over reflect shopping! simply wish it wasn’t backordered :/

this is going to be this kind of pretty, non violent room to get away to! i like the image mats and the bedding. wish your mirrors come in on time – I’m running into the equal issue in my ORC! exact luck!

Ugh, and they wouldn’t allow me expedite the one I did find either, it’s set to reach sometime between the fifth-twelfth. Grrr!!!

Your temper board for this room is stunning and those sheets and people pillows appearance so secure. Can’t wait to peer the very last room!

they're incredible Natasha, thanks!!!

thank you Shonee!! I lots choose mixing textures over patterns ;)

Wow Emily! This room goes to appearance great! i love the bedding; I’ve been eyeing some thing similar for my personal room! i will’t wait to see the monitor!

thanks Amy! It became on loopy sale at PB so I pulled the trigger. i was a little concerned approximately doing a lot pattern at the beginning, on account that I normally don’t, however i really like it!

Say WHAT? Burlap scrapbook paper? this is fantastic!

Love the sheets to a good deal too! everything looks great together!

Yeah guy, innovative! Now to get it all pulled collectively by means of the next day :/

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